purple_handToddler Program (2 – 3 years 5 months old)


Our Toddler program provides a high-quality developmentally appropriate instructional program for toddlers. Children are provided with the opportunity to gain a sense of mastery over their environment through exploration and play.  They are allowed to practice new skills, encouraged to socially interact, and are provided  with many rich language experience throughout the day. Creativity and freedom of choice are encouraged as toddlers assert their independence.

green_handUniversal Pre-K Program (3½ - 5 years old)


Our Universal Pre-K program is a free 2½ hours Pre-K program, recognized and funded by the New York City Department of Education. Our Universal Pre-K program provides a high-quality standard-based developmentally appropriate instructional program for prekindergarten children. Our Pre kindergarten program’s curriculum is based on The Creative Curriculum for Preschool. The curriculum supports and encourages young children to