Long Xing Day Care Center, Inc. was established in 2004 in Brooklyn’s very own Chinatown located in Sunset Park. Long Xing Day Care Center, Inc recently expanded and now has two locations in Brooklyn. Each center offers a very safe and clean environment equipped with bright, spacious playrooms and beautiful outdoor playgrounds.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our children and families in the community, providing high quality developmentally appropriate early childhood programs that nurture and enrich the development of each child through positive learning experiences. Every program fosters independence and a positive self image through cooperative learning and exploration; thereby promoting intellectual, physical, social, emotional growth and development.

blue_handOur Philosophy

At Long Xing Day Care Center, our philosophy relies heavily upon children’s intrinsic nature to learn. All children desire to explore and acquire knowledge, even at a very young age. Creating experiences that excites this interest, in conjunction with an atmosphere that encourages growth and independence, is crucial in fostering their desire to learn and developing a greater capacity to learn later on. Our philosophy also builds on Piaget's belief that all children learn through the active exploration of their environment. This belief agrees with our constructivist, child-centered approach to education. Cooperative learning is an approach and a set of strategies specifically designed to encourage children's cooperation while learning. We believe cooperative learning increases children's involvement and therefore their motivation to learn. The focus of our program supports and promotes young children to develop meaningful connections across several disciplines through functional, constructive and dramatic play.